Sidrah Raza

I am Sidrah Raza, A Weight Management Specialist by Profession. I’m a Certified Nutritionist from Precision Nutrition. I’m also a Certified Personal Training Coach, Senior Fitness & Exercise Therapy Specialist from International Sports and Science Association. 

I Provide Clients with Customized Training Programs based on their Individual Health and Fitness Goals. I go beyond the “Workout More” Attitude. I give them Awareness about their Health Needs.

My aim is to make My Client’s life free from the Typical Dieting Practices.


What do clients say about Sidrah Raza?

Faisal Khawaja

"Sidrah has helped me in my Weight Loss Journey with Chronic Gastrointestinal Issue. I have lost 20Kgs (103kgs to 83kgs)."

Zahra Saleha Ahmad

"I recently covered 25 km on a bicycle; my stamina was excellent and I experienced zero pain or stiffness."

Robina Malik

"I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends as she's always very accommodating and goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals!"

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