I have a knack for making people 

Consultation Sessions

Designed in a way of listening to client’s needs and what they want to accomplish to get fit.


Personal Training Program

This customized training program is designed to address individual’s health and fitness goals.


Nutritional Coaching Program

Designed to address an individual’s nutrition, meal management, practicing & development of required habits to change lifestyle.


Exercise Therapy Program

Designed to address functional limitations, improve body symptoms  and rehabilitation from injury, surgery etc.


Weight Management Program

This program is designed to address customized needs related to weight loss, weight gain and weight management.


Senior Fitness Program

Designed to help senior adults’ fitness especially with challenges of specific conditions (cardiovascular, asthma, orthopedic, diabetic or sensory).

Time is Money

Let me show you the art of time management when a healthy lifestyle is in question! Me and my clients practice time management above everything else. Habits and practices should stay sustainable, and that is when they become a lifestyle! Time management and discipline is the key.

Learn the art of improving yourself with me. 

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