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I was referred to Sidrah after I had back surgery for a severely prolapsed disc which had me partially paralyzed for a few days. Before that I had sciatica for 3 years and so, my body was quite weak and inflexible. When I began with Sidrah, I could barely do 15 mins of any activity and was extremely inflexible. Now after a 18 months with her, I am stronger than I have ever been. I recently covered 25 km on a bicycle; my stamina was excellent and I experienced zero pain or stiffness.

Zahra Saleha Ahmad


Well being is not about just physically fit but mentally too, and Sidrah is a complete package. She does not set goals for one like commercial trainers, she takes her time to understand one and their body and set a plan. She makes it work even if it’s hectic work routines that are sucking all the energy you have or your household’s responsibilities. Or even lock downs when work out was a dream. Her positivity, patience and endurance lead her clients to be consistent and keep on contributing to their own health, which goes behind in their own priorities.
Aisha Siddique
Development Practitioner
Workout with Sidrah is like being your own fitness coach. This is how comfortable and flexi it becomes. Sidrah is more of a facilitator, a guide and a mentor. With her, I don't have to fret about strict fitness regime; it is more about healthy lifestyle than about losing weight.

Always it is about personal comfort, tailored work out regimes and personalized attention.
Highly recommended if you want to look forward to an hour dedicated for health and personal fitness.
Ayesha Kabir
Development Practitioner
Sidrah Raza! You're an incredible Coach. I am so Grateful for your input towards my Weight lose Journey. Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought can be possible. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do. After our workout sessions I feel much stronger both physically and spiritually. You have taken me to the next level! I am thrilled with the varied routines you have developed for me. You keep me interested and motivated for every upcoming exercise session. I love the improvement in my body. I look forward to reaching new heights together. Thank you for a careful individual approach; you're an amazing Coach and Person. Thank you for taking me on this journey.
Faiza Batool
Clinical Psychologist
Sidrah Raza is an amazing Lifestyle Coach. She has helped me in my Weight Loss Journey and Transformed my Body. I've Chronic Gastrointestinal Issue. Along with this Health Problem, Weight Loss wasn't any easy Job, because I have a long list of restricted foods. I cannot take a lot of whole wheat and protein rich foods due to slow digestive process. It was very tough and time taking process. Sidrah has been very patient with me. During this journey, I've managed to lose 20Kgs. I started at 103kgs and currently I am maintaining at 83kgs. It has been an amazing journey full of Lessons Learned during the the whole Processes. I have developed a lot of healthy Habits that became my routine now. Sidrah Raza is Highly Recommended Super Coach for Healthy Lifestyle and a real Body Transformation.
I’ve known Sidrah for years now. First as a fitness coach then as a friend. Her passion for health & fitness motivated me to take care of myself myself physical & emotionally. Excellent nutritionist, always guiding as to eat healthy! My fitness journey started with her teaching me what is good for my body and which isn’t. Can’t beat that.
A Happy Client
Sidrah! I was in touch with you before but when I started taking consultation from you I got to know that you are a gem of a person. The care and comfort that you provide to a person is commendable. I followed many diet plans in life but you made me realize that these diet plans can facilitate you for...
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My experience with Sidrah was so good. She is a wonderful Fitness Coach💕. I would highly recommend everyone to start their healthy training experience with her at Fitness Beats☺️

I had a severe back pain 3 years back. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have with my extremely busy lifestyle, if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. She is extremely reliable & punctual. She lets you enjoy working out with her & offers you a flexible environment. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated personalized service.

Tehmina A. Chaudhry


Sidrah is a gem. Her wisdom & guidance helped me recover from Covid and I could see my health improved. Can't thank her enough. She is wasilah from Allah in my tough times. Jazak Allah Sidrah!
Aysha Salman
Interior Designer
Sidrah is an excellent fitness coach. I live in the UK and have been training online with her for over 6 months and can see positive changes in my body shape and overall health and wellbeing. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends as she's always very accommodating and goes out of her way to help you achieve your goals!
Robina Malik
IELTS Examiner / Tutor

Health was never a priority for me. I was concerned but busy, demotivated and ignorant. The perfect combination of unhealthy lifestyle. I personally think that I gave her some really tough time with my sluggish behavior but her consistency pushed me to choose a new lifestyle. The best part about her was that she made it look very easy. She identified the issues and made the healthy lifestyle look flexible and easy. She solved the issue of being busy by flexibility and creating importance of one’s own health. Motivated me through her pep talks and the best part was her educating me enough through the whole process to address my ignorant behavior. I would personally not classify her as a nutritionist or a trainer. I would classify her as a catalytic life style changer.

Fahad Saboor


Hira Raza

Sidrah is a highly Recommended Fitness Coach. She got all the solutions for your worries and queries. I had a wonderful experience with her. After my 2nd pregnancy when I got muddled up with all of the exercises and diet plans she simplified them for me in the most convincing and approachable way. Her best part is that she not only trained you but also focused on the long term output by keeping an eye on the suitability of your workout on your body and health which is rare to find these days. Highly Recommended Coach.

Hira Raza
Sidra Raza is a born therapist. Her exercise therapy and motivation really helped me a lot in my early recovery from sciatica pain. It was like a miracle for me to get back to my routine within a week when I was not able to sit even for a few minutes. May God bless her with more success and happiness in her life.
Anum Khalid
A Happy Client
I started my workout routine with Sidrah after a break of almost one year. She is a wonderful person to train with, she fully understood my body type, its limitations, its strong points and its requirements. She guided me very well throughout. Customised workout and diet plans were an all inclusive package. We had many sessions of off the record chitchats too!
Tanzila Asif
A Happy Client
When I joined the One Year Coaching Program, my weight was 94kgs. My Coach Sidrah started my training step by step. The diet she told me was very effective and I never felt any weakness. With my Coach Guidelines, Diet and Exercise I lost 2 to 3 kg per month. My Coach gave me Day to Day my Eating Plan & Habits which included carbs, protein, fiber and balanced calories. My Coach Mam Sidrah is a very polite, loving and humble person. She helped me to reduce my weight. My Coach told me about exercise step by step. They were very effective and helped me to lose weight. In one year I lost 18kgs and after a year my weight was 76kgs. Mam Sidrah is the best person who motivated me everyday to reach my goals. I highly recommend her.
Azra Azhar
A Happy Client

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