Maimona Anwar

Sidrah! I was in touch with you before but when I started taking consultation from you I got to know that you are a gem of a person. The care and comfort that you provide to a person is commendable.
I followed many diet plans in life but you made me realize that these diet plans can facilitate you for sometime & even I experienced myself that I can’t even follow them fully & only a lifestyle change can make me better, healthy and of course make me lose weight.
My weight was stuck for so long & I was very worried and within two months I’m actually feeling very good because I’m not deprived of anything. I used to diet a lot, I even had diet flour, what you call phakki, detox and many youtube instant weight loss things too. But Sidrah you are a lifesaver as you saved me and added food to my life. I didn’t minus food as I used to do. I’m eating everything and added roti even though I used to skip it and still I’m gradually losing weight.

One very important thing that I learnt…

is till when you will diet in your life? You actually can’t… you have to change your lifestyle to be a better person.
I used to work out in the gym before corona and my concept was built in a way that you have to do exercise until and unless you sweat & get tired. It was never in my mind nor I was ever being told to feel the movement & stretch. But when I started doing exercise with you I got to know that it’s a mind & body connection. You don’t need to exercise a lot but you have to do it mindfully. You should take breaks and there’s nothing wrong in that. And one thing that I realised the most is that just rapidly doing exercise won’t satisfy you, it’ll just make you tired. Actually if you do so at your pace by feeling the movement it satisfies you the most & the meditation in the end is actually very soothing. I’m usually very busy due to my routine and sometimes stressed out due to workload and stuff but when I do meditation with Sidrah it’s something that takes me to another world that makes me forget everything that I’m going through… now I actually wait for the sessions.
Hoping with time I’ll achieve my goal inshAllah.
Thank you so much for the constant support. I’m lucky and I should say blessed that I listened to you at the right time. It is never too late to reinvent yourself.
Thank you for educating me & of course giving me courage to talk about these things 🙂
Looking forward to learn more from you Sidrah 🌺❤️

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